RISE Program



RISE is a program designed to assist adults with a self-identified disability find – and maintain – competitive employment. Our goal is to help our clients become job-ready through employment skills workshops, 1:1 counselling, and on-site job coaching.


RISE staff can provide:

  • Six weeks of free job-readiness workshops focusing on career exploration, resume and interview skills, job retention, and work/life balance
  • Direct support with reaching out to employers and generating exciting employment leads
  • Participating in a paid placement that can lead to permanent employment
  • Personalized onsite job coaching to help with adapting to a new workplace environment, work accommodations, and initial training


Who is Eligible?

  • Adults 18 years or older
  • Individuals who have a self-identified disability ( i.e. developmental, learning, mental health, Autism Spectrum Disorder) that creates barriers to participating in the workforce
  • Individuals who are not eligible for E.I. (Employment Insurance)
  • Individuals who are no longer in school, are unemployed, or working fewer than 20 hours per week


RISE is funded by the Government of Canada


For more information about this program please contact 519-823-2818 and ask for more details about our RISE program or send an email to info@2ndchance.ca

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